There is only one ground on which a petition for divorce may be presented to the court by either party to the marriage, that is that the marriage has broken down irretrievably.

However, the court will not accept the marriage has broken down, unless the petitioner satisfies the court of one or more of the five facts specified in the law:

  • Adultery and intolerability
  • Behaviour
  • Desertion
  • Two Years separation and consent
  • Five Years separation

At Chris Alexander Solicitors we appreciate that divorce can be a very stressful and emotional process. We will provide support and legal advice throughout the legal process.

We will advise you about the way disputes are resolved in family proceedings and inform you what your next steps should be. It is really important that you take advice early on so that you make informed decisions

If you are initiating a divorce, we will assist with drafting a divorce petition and sent it to the court along with your marriage certificate.

A straight forward divorce could take approximately 6 – 8 months to complete.  This is based on the assumption that correspondence by all parties is dealt with promptly.  It will take a lot longer if the proceedings are defended or if your spouse fails to respond or where a decision is made to delay applying for the decree absolute until after financial matters are resolved.