An applicant wishing to be granted leave to remain must satisfy the legal requirements under the Immigration Rules. If you have limited leave to remain in the UK, we can assist you with applying for an extension of your stay in the UK under the following categories:  If you have limited leave to enter or remain as a partner or parent of a person who is British or settled in the UK, you can apply for renewal of your leave to remain. The application for renewal of leave to remain as a partner / parent under 10 years route is made online using application form FLR (FP).

The Immigration Rules set out the suitability and eligibility requirements to be met for an extension of leave.

Successful applicants will be granted further leave to remain for 30 months under the partner or parent route (10 years route).

  • Children of British Citizens & Settled Persons
  • Family Life with a Partner
  • Family Life as a Parent
  • Family Life as a Child of a person with limited leave as a parent of partner
  • Victim of Domestic Violence
  • Adult Dependant Relatives
  • Unmarried or Same-sex partner of persons with limited leave to enter or remain in the UK
  • Bereaved Partner
  • Children adopted by British citizens or Settled Residents
  • ILR Long Residence (20 Years)
  • ILR (10 Years Continuous Lawful Residence)
  • ILR (5 Years as a partner of a Settled Person / British Citizen in the UK)

At Chris Alexander Solicitors our fee for In-Country Applications set out above is £1,500 (+ 20% VAT) for our professional immigration services.  The standard fee will cover all our work done until a decision is reached by the Home Office on your application. The standard fee will not cover any disbursements which are incurred e.g. translation of documents, application fees, Immigration Healthcare Surcharge (IHS) or subsequent appeal rights. If you cannot afford to pay our fee in full at the time of instructing us in relation to your application, you can pay half of the fee at the time of instructing us and the balance can be paid by monthly instalments.