In-Country Applications for Leave to Remain and Extensions

Type of Application Fixed Legal Fee (+ 20% VAT)Home Office Fee
ILR – Children of British Citizens & Settled Persons £1500£2389
Limited Leave to remain – Family Life with a Partner £1500 £1033
Limited Leave to Remain – Family Life as a Parent £1500 £1033
Limited Leave to Remain – Family Life as a Child of a person with limited leave as a parent/partner  £1500 £1033
ILR – Victim of Domestic Violence £1500 £2389
Limited Leave to Remain – Unmarried or Same-sex partner of persons with limited leave to enter or remain in the UK                 £1500 £1033
ILR – Bereaved Partner £1500 £2389
ILR – Children adopted by British citizens or Settled Residents £1500 £2389
Limited Leave to Remain – Long Residence (20 Years) £1500 £1033
ILR (10 Years Continuous Lawful Residence) £1500 £2389
ILR (5 Years as a partner of a Settled Person / British Citizen in the UK) £1500 £2389

Immigration Health Surcharge Fee (IHS): For applications for limited leave to remain you also need to pay an Immigration Health Surcharge Fee. The exact amount you have to pay depends on how much leave you are granted and you will be advised on the amount accordingly.