Family Fees

At Chris Alexander Solicitors we believe Access to Legal Advice and Assistance is a right that every individual should enjoy. Our Professional Fees are affordable and tailored to our clients’ particular needs.

Chris Alexander Solicitors has a Legal Aid contract so we are able to offer Legal Aid to eligible individuals in relation to private or public family law cases.


Legal Aid is available for public family law cases, such as care proceedings and in private family law cases for victims of domestic abuse.

To check if you qualify for Legal Aid please visit the eligibility calculator:

All our fees are VAT excluded and we offer an initial fixed consultation fee of £100 (no VAT) during which we can provide you with an initial assessment of your circumstances and prospects of success and likely compensation if successful. We will advise you on the law and the way forward in relation to your matter. Thereafter we try to undertake work on a fixed fee basis where ever we can so that you are able to budget and make informed decisions.

Our fees set out below include the following services:

Taking your initial instructions, perusing your documents and advising you on the merits  
Negotiation and advice on pre-litigation (Family Mediation) to explore whether a agreement can be reached
Preparing the response in litigations against you
Reviewing and advising on response from the other party

Preparing for and attending First Hearing Dispute Resolution Appointment (FHDRA) and any Case Management Hearing
Liaison with Cafcass

Preparing the bundle of documents for the Final Hearing
Reviewing and advising on the other party’s witness statements
Preparation and attendance at Final Hearing, including preparing instructions to the barrister

Our fees do not include the following services:
Disbursements, for example, instructing medical experts, barristers
Cost of subsequent appeal rights or other family court applications
Change or additional instructions exceeding original instruction

You will be required to pay any expenses paid or to be paid to a third party in the conduct of your matter (including any VAT element), except office expenses such as postage and courier fees.

Such expenses are usually called disbursements and you will be required to pay them directly to the relevant third party (other person or body) directly.

Barrister Fees: We expect the barrister’s fee to come between £800 – £2,500 per day (plus 20% VAT), however, we have little control over this fee and the cost can vary quite widely depending on the complexity and stage of your case. It also depends on the chambers from which your barrister is selected and their seniority or experience. We will advise you of the name and status of the barrister(s) that we will be recommending and so you will have a say in who represents you and the costs you incur.

Experts: Costs for medical experts are variable depending on the complexity of your case. The likely costs for an expert range from £250 – £1,200 per hour (plus 20% VAT).
Our firm is not VAT registered and our fees are therefore all VAT excluded.   

At Chris Alexander Solicitors we offer fixed fee arrangements where appropriate and this could be in the form of a single fixed fee, stage by stage fixed fee or an instalment basis fixed fee. For fixed fee arrangements, payment must be made fully at the outset, unless a separate arrangement for the payment has been agreed. If you cannot afford to pay our fee in full at the time of instructing us in relation to your matter, you may be able to pay part of the fee at the time of instructing us and the rest of the fee should be paid within 3 months.

For further advice and information on our fees in family law matters, contact us on 02085944469 or email us at