By law, where there is no written contract of employment, an employer has a duty to provide their employees, at the very minimum, with a written statement of terms.

The statement should set out basic information such as their salary, dates of employment and their job title, within two months of the employee starting work for the business.

Our expert team can assist with drafting of an employment contract which is tailored to the individual needs of the business.

 The most common types of employment contracts are:

  • Indefinite Contract: a continuing contract which can be ended by either the employer or employee on giving the required notice period
  • Fixed Term Contract: provides for fixed, definite period of time

A contract can offer protection to the business by preventing an employee from doing something which may detrimentally affect the business. Contracts also place obligations on the employer and employee in specific situations such as termination of employment so that each party is clear as to their position should that situation arise.

A well drafted contract can ensure that employees are aware of what is expected of them to ensure that the high standards of the business are maintained. If a problem arises, matters can be dealt with in accordance with the relevant procedure set out in the contract so that they are resolved internally rather than through an Employment Tribunal.

We will assist to ensure that the terms of contract are fair and compliant with current legislation. Should an employee proceed to make an employment claim against the business, the contract will be used as evidence at an Employment Tribunal and can assist an employer in defending a claim.

At Chris Alexander Solicitors, we offer Fixed Fees for Drafting Employment Contracts, however, our fee will depend on the individual circumstances. Our fees are easy to understand and we will ensure that everything about the costs associated with your case is explained to you in full. Our professional fee will not change unless the original information we are given is shown to be incorrect or circumstances change.